Jimmy’Z is back with a twist

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Celebrity style for the masses

With a little help from Aeropostale Inc., the forgotten 80s surf brand Jimmy’Z is getting a “celebrity makeover”. The line is getting relaunched as a budget-minded interpretation of Hollywood style, so don’t count on board shorts. . . unless that’s what Lindsay Lohan is wearing at the moment.

Celebrity fashion trends have become quite aspirational to the mainstream, most likely due to the overwhelming popularity of celebrity tabloids, not to mention paparazzi photos a-plenty all over the Internet. Jimmy’Z is taking those highly visible styles, plus boutique store trademarks like denim bars and sleekly retro interior design, and is recreating them for the mass market who can’t afford to shop at Hollywood celeb staples such as Kitson or Intuition. There are already six Jimmy’Z stores open in malls across the country, from Wellington, Florida and Bloomington, Minnesota to Houston, Texas and Chicago, Illinois; with preppy retailers oversaturating the market right now, we expect that this celebrity-driven niche may be a nice change of pace for mall shoppers.

photo: Trend Central.com

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