I wasn’t going to write about the Oscars, but there were just so many random mean thoughts that ran through my head, that I couldn’t hold them all in.  Remember when you read this the voices made me post these thoughts..

- J-HUD was a DUD. I really wish they would stop dressing her “like a fat girl”.  Doesn’t anyone in her camp know a good tailor???? She’s curvy, yes, but that’s no reason to cover her up with layers.  She’s a beautiful woman, not a cake. I mean pockets in a evening dress? Both Oscar de la Renta and Andre Leon Talley need to be smacked with a old issue of MODE magazine.

- Who is Chris Connelly (sp?) and why was he covering the Red carpet? It was like watching my corny high school civics teacher giving commentary on national tv. Just sad.. just sad.. and Lisa Ling is actually a real journalist, but she should leave the red carpet to the Joan Rivers and her spawn.  Cute dress, though

- Little Miss Sunshine needs a stylist. I felt sooo bad thinking this.. but I was like her momma needs to stop taking direction from the sales associates at Macys. Poor thing DID look better than she did at the Golden Globes, but the pink rose thing just didn’t work for her. It washed her out and it made her look like a mixture between a hobo and shirley temple. I felt so bad for her, cause she actually looked better in the HP commercials they showed like 30 times during the ceremony.

- More on Mr. Talley… I say this without hope or agenda- but he should NEVER, EVER be allowed to speak on red carpet again.  But.. I still love ya, A.L.T… but next time Just stand and let me admire the cape.

- forrest whitaker wifeF. Whitaker wife’s dress was one of the best dresses of the evening..

- N.Watts, P.Cruz, G. Paltrow- looked amazing… so did A. Hathaway, J. Foster , C Blanchet and D. Keaton.  Everyone put J. Lopez on their best dressed list and the dress was one beautiful maternity dress.

- 424988204_7138542711.jpgG.Clooney and D. Honsu are just too fine and show men how it should be done when going to a big event like this. If there is a time to invest in a tailored suit, it’s for the oscars. I mean, I know you normally spend like 10 hours in a dark dusty editing room somewhere in the far reaches of some studio lot.. but that’s not reason to look like you just came from a post prom kegger. Oh W. Smith really does have big ears…

- H. Mirren- you’re just too hot to be dressing like the Queen.. what happen to the sexy little number from the Globes?

- Meryl Streep- brilliant actress… horrible dresser. I mean, I know you have like 15 Oscars and probably break out the knitting needles in the middle of the ceremony.. but dang.. girl.. at least try…  meryl streep

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