Jean Paul Gaultier and Target?

What: Jean Paul Gaultier – whose muses include Madonna and Lady Gaga – is apparently in talks with Target about an upcoming line. If the rumor’s true, JPG would be the latest designer to partake in Target’s series of “Designer Collaborations.” Anna Sui and Alexander McQueen are his predecessors.

What They Say:

The muse always plays a big role in Target’s Designer Collaboration series (Alexander McQueen chose the Duke Spirit and Leila Moss, Anna Sui chose the girls of Gossip Girl). So whose would Gaultier’s be? A diva, most likely. As long as the pleather is kept to a minimum and shiny stuff is included, we are onboard.

What We Say: It’s been a long time since we’ve heard such an exciting rumor, and we really, really, really hope it’s true. If JPG and Target do end up getting together, we think the outcome will be super interesting and edgy. Are you crossing your fingers for this new designer collab?

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