JCPenney’s Simply Green Collection: Green Home

JCPenney’s recently announced their partnership with lifestyle eco-expert Danny Seo. If Danny’s name sounds familiar to you, you might know him as the co-host of HGTV’s “Red Hot & Green” (admit it…you love HGTV!), from his best-selling Simply Green book series, or from his weekly column on

The Simply Green brand is to the environmental movement what The Best Life brand is to the health movement. The easily recognizable banner logo makes it easy for people to quickly make good choices with their purchasing power. Sometimes you just don’t have the time to peruse ingredients and look at how something has been made…

Going ‘Simply Green’ shows JCPenney’s dedication to make the world a little better. When you see the Simply Green mark in JCPenney’s stores, you see a force for change. Whether it be vases made of recycled glass, bamboo serving bowls or soy wax pillar candles – JCPenny’s Simply Green line will make it easy, stylish and inexpensive to green your home decor.

Now that’s Simply Fabulous!

Image courtesy of Danny Seo’s blog

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