JC Penneys to Open Sephora Stores

JC Penneys will open Sephora stores within their own store starting this fall.  Sephora will be the exclusive seller of beauty products at JC Penney. I think this is a good move by JC Penney, maybe they read my entry JC Penney’s Creates Temp Store in Manhattan Putting ‘the City That Nevers Sleeps’ Asleep”. However, I’m not sure if this is such a good move for Sephora.

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  1. Fashion Man says

    Sephora Stores rock..Talk about making shopping fun.  I cant wait to see what the layout and design of the sephora store is going to be like compared to their mall stores now.  And with JC Penneys upsclaing their image, this is a GREAT Move for sephora.

  2. renee says

    i agree with kian. the nearest sephora is like an hour away and Jcpennys is 5 minutes away. it would be a great idea!!

  3. katie says

    It would so rock, i mean i have to search forever on the internet just to find 1 thing, its also great cause JCPennys is my fave store!

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