JC Penney’s Discover Spring Style Fashion Show

What: JCPenney’s Discover Spring Style Fashion Show on March 2, 2010.

What They Say: According to jcpenney.net: Shoppers will discover a whole new JCPenney. Over the last several years, JCPenney has made dramatic strides in “stepping up” its style and, as a result, now offers a better, more exciting shopping experience than ever before. “New look. New day.” The launch of the 2010 spring marketing campaign, with the overriding goal of helping customers discover the new, higher level of fashion in its merchandise assortments.


What We Say: JCPenney has always been a go to brand for affordable clothing for the entire family. Let’s face it, many families have limited budgets and may not be able to buy name brand clothing for the entire family on a regular basis. Luckily JCPenney is one of those brands that continues to add great well known designers and celebrities to their roster to produce impressive quality fashionable clothing at affordable prices. What we liked about the fashion show was that it gave us a chance to see some of the fresh designs from some of their exclusive designer brands such as the Olsen twins Olsenboye collection, Allen B, Nicole Miller, and Charlotte Ronson. We thought the pieces were colorful and youthful yet easy and transitional for work and play. The accessories were trend inspired with studded bucket bags, belts, and bib necklaces. All we can say is, keep up the good work JCPenney.

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