JC Penney’s Creates Temp Store in Manhattan Putting ‘The City That Nevers Sleep’ Asleep

In a blindingly unoriginal move, JC Penney’s has created a temporary store in Times Square (at 42nd Street). Why the old school store wasted their money doing this, I shall never know. It’s like building an Alexander McQueen boutique in Salina, Kansas—wrong location, wrong customer. I’ve never, EVER, heard anyone in New York say “Gee, I really wish we had a JC Penney’s in the city.” Even my very Midwestern mom, who insisted when I got married that I register at the store because “Penney’s has great towels and sheets”, was baffled by the concept of a temp store in NYC. 

JC Penney’s Temp Store Opens at Manhattan

The quality and selection of clothing at JC Penney’s is dismal at best—you know your store has a problem when Sears has a more stylish collection than you. Yes, they have a line by Nicole Miller, but she doesn’t have the designer appeal or the persona of a Karl Lagerfeld or Isaac Mizrahi. Plus, Miller’s clothing at JC Penney’s looks nothing like her collections at higher end stores and boutiques, which gives shoppers no incentive to shop the store.

Here’s my advice to JC Penney’s—close down the Manhattan store and invest the money better marketing, store design, and stylish clothing.