Jane Magazine has Jumped the Shark

It is official, Jane Magazine has “jumped the shark”. The magazine that, prior to August 2004, I would give up my low fat mocha latte to purchase, has fallen victim to silly advertorials, uninspiring celebrity interviews, and a column by Pam Anderson. They even changed their email extension from @janemag.com to @fairchildpub.com—a sure sign it is swimming with the sharks.

When I first received the “new” Jane, I thought it was only for the September issue (Fall issues are the big moneymakers in terms of ad sales). I gave Jane and the gang a “get-out-of-corniness-free-pass” because they have to eat too. But then October’s issue showed up with the beyond thin Mischa Barton gracing the cover and ads for birth control pills and Genital Herpes drugs—something the old Jane would have found quite amusing. It seems that the magazine that once made me laugh so hard I snorted milk (soy) through my nose, is forever corporate. What’s next for our wayward friend? Giving us the same articles with different titles, like “11 Things to Make Him Say Yes” and then in another issue “11 Reasons He Will Say Yes” or, perhaps, an expose on budget shopping on Rodeo Drive by Paris Hilton.

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