Breaking News: Jane Magazine Folds


What: Jane Magazine is closing shop with it’s August issue, according to the site fashionweekdaily.

What the fashion heads have to say: Fashionweekdaily: “Jane will cede publishing with the August issue. The magazine’s complementary website ( will be shut down as well.”

What I say: Interesting, but not surprising. It’s hard to compete with those pesky bloggers. Did Jane Pratt (founder and alleged former lover of Drew Barrymore)  have a love affair with Pamela Anderson, too? Cause only love could make you think that Pamela Anderson would be a great columnist.

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  1. melissa says

    I too am not that suprised that Jane folded.  I loved Sassy in the 90’s and in the begining liked Jane but when your magazine is supposed to be about going against the grain having pamela anderson as a columnist and featuring nicole ritchie and paris hilton ect ect.. takes away your street credit.

  2. LaLa says

    Oh, No!
    I used to have a subscription to Jane but let it lapse after a few questionable cover “women”. I guess they were doing what they felt they had to do to sell copies, but it was hugely disappointing and not what they were supposed to be about. That being said I still couldn’t resist scooping up a copy anytime I was out and saw a new one so I’m highly disappointed to say the least. What am I supposed to read now Cosmo, Glamour…there’s nothing inherently wrong with these magazines they’re just not my cup of tea. Jane was (at its best) smart, funny, edgy and kinda cool. I never felt embarrassed to be seen reading it (except for when one of the bubblehead gang “graced” the cover. But even at its worst it was still better than a lot of the fluff out there.

  3. meg says

    i m sooo upset i love jane magazine there photography was amazing the tips were awesome everything about that publication was amazing the whole blogging thing is a bad excuse. i love my magazines!! forget the blogs you cannot take your computor to the beach you cannot rip out the pages of a blog no magazines are totally better than blogs

  4. julie says

    Does anyone know, for those of us who still have a subscription to Jane, what magazine will be coming in place of it?

    I remember when Sassy and Mademoiselle folded my subs continued through a different magazines, Glamour and Marie Claire (I think it was MC)

  5. says

    Never liked Jane much, and I am in their target demographic.  They were too hipster and edgy and I’m just…not.  So while I love both magazines and blogs, I’m not getting too upset over this.

  6. Maria says

    Even though I hadn’t picked up Jane in quite some time (as I, too, feel I am past their demographic, age-wise) my heart sank when I read the news today that they were folding.  I was a huge fan in the beginning, and I remember back 10 years ago when they launched and my best friend and I thought it was the coolest magazine EVER.  We’d read that thing cover to cover every month, and one of my favorite pasta dishes even came from a reader entry for “insanely simple recipes”.  LaLa, I hear ya: there’s not much to read out there anymore.  They killed my favorite lifestyle magazine a couple of years ago, Budget Living, despite rave reviews from critics and media.  Cosmo is too insipid; Glamour is just plain lame.  Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar: too snooty.  I used to be a fan of Lucky Magazine, but I just let my subscription lapse to that one now that it’s just become one big book of advertisements and product placements.

  7. Kyrstie says

    If you like what Sassy was and also what Jane was in the beginning then you should pick up Bust.  It has filled a magazine gap for me.

  8. Maria says

    Julie (and anyone else who currently has a subscription to JANE)—they will probably send you Glamour instead.  If you go to their website ( they’re pushing subscriptions to Glamour, so that’d be my best guess.

  9. Hollie says

    Kyrstie is absolutely right.  If you liked Jane for it’s “edgyness” – you will love Bust!  It is my favorite magazine right now.

  10. Tina says

    I LOVED Jane. I am so disappointed they are folding. I agree with some previous comments, magazines are better than blogging. Jane was just right for me, I am very sad they are going away. I will agree that I liked the magazine better when Pratt was running it but what will I read now that has witty articles and awesome style?

  11. cathy says

    Kyrstie – I second that! Bust is a great magazine…I think it’s even better than Jane. I have a subscription to Bust and they have excellent articles and even my husband sometimes reads it.

  12. L says

    After reading all the comments posted here I agree & also could not resist picking up Jane.  A recent Jane budget party menu & recipes got me rave reviews.  At least there were some worthwhile articles and excellent photography to catch your attention.  Anyone notice every single women’s magazine, every single issue, has a woman’s face on the cover and has morphed into the same old subject matter (Marie Claire is sometimes an exception in the literary area.) Can’t anyone in the industry come up with what the women of this age really need and want to read?

  13. bethqueen says

    I never liked this magazine, but Pam Anderson was the least of it.  I thought the grammar was questionable and the articles were not what I would want my high school students nor my teen daughter to read.

  14. Amy says

    I just read the latest issue of Jane while having a pedicure last Saturday. I’ll admit I’m past the age of their target demo, but I felt like it was trying TOO hard to be edgy and “naughty.” Example: I read a “true-life” story about a woman trolling Craig’s List for (and finding) anonymous sex. There was no accompanying mention of how dangerous that is.  Maybe I’m just old. Pratt is great at reinvention so i’m sure she’ll pop up again.

  15. TBF says

    Meg- I still value my mags (can’t read a blog on the plane) and I was abig fan of Jane when it was ran by it’s founder Jane Pratt.  Jane featured a somewhat nice review of my book/blog which they said had a corny name, but good advice, last November. Now, I find those comments kinda of interesting cause they’re folding and TBF is growing.

    I have a lot of friends who write for traditional publishing and many mags are having a hard time competing with blogs because we are free and we can post things a lot faster. It takes most fashion magazine 2 to 3 months to come out and by that time any “new” fashion news is old news. Also they are sometimes beholden to their advertisers, which can make it difficult for them to write the type of articles they would like to write because they are owned by big corporations that need to keep the shareholders happy..

  16. SisterOfNight says

    Another great suggestion besides Bust (which I LOVE) is Venus – such a fantastic magazine.

    I’ll be sad to see Jane go, but I haven’t subscribed for a couple years. It started going downhill—trying too hard to be cool, edgy, hip, SO self-conscious—before Jane Pratt left and went way downhill after the new editor came on. Oh well.

  17. says

    For me, Jane has being sliding steadily downhill since Jane Pratt left.  Still, I’m sad to see it go.  I agree that BUST is a great mag; it doesn’t try too hard yet remains true to its indie roots.

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