To Bag or Not to Bag Part Three: The J Crew PVC Tote

The search for the perfect bag continues…

Fall on the east (and west) coasts is a nightmare for women who love bags. It rains. It rains a lot. In fact, it’s raining right now and has been raining for the past 3 days. It rains so much and so strong that even the best waterproofing product is put to the test.

Enter the above PVC black “London Tote” from J Crew.  I love the bag cause it’s very “Cole Haan” looking, at a fraction of the price- the retail price of the bag was $98, marked down 30% to $69.99, then marked down ANOTHER 30% (I used the coupon posted on the blog) to $48.99.  It’s PVC covering looks more patent-leather than plastic and it features a snap front closure so that you can secure your bag.  It also has a generous, 7 inch handle drop (the distance between the handle and the top of the bag), which will allow me to carry it with ease on my shoulders.

I figure that I will carry the bag, which also comes in an ugly yellow- brown color, at least 100 times (about three times a week) between now and May, making this a solid purchase in terms of value.

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  1. Linda8 says

    Get it.  This bag is a classic with updated style, and a great deal.  This is one of those “Why didn’t I get that?” items.

  2. Christina C. says

    I think the bag looks kind of cheap. You should check out some of the Prague bags on They are reasonable and very nice.

  3. kim says

    I’d take a nice Maruca Designs fabric bag ($60-90) over that ANY day. But I’m not into shiny black bags so much as interesting, colorful patterns. Personal preference! If you like it, go for it.

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