Invanka Trump Launches her Latest Venture: Shoes


What: Ivanka Trump has launched her new shoe collection

What InStyle Mag Says:Ivanka Trump already successfully launched a jewelry line and a handbag line, and now she turned her attention to shoes. After announcing her new business venture last year, Trump’s first-ever footwear collection is now in stores. The spring line ranges from classic pumps and flats to embellished stilettos and heels, and she also included a series of white pairs, perfect for those shopping for bridal looks…The shoes—which Trump wore on this season of The Apprentice—are available at Nordstrom and online. The best part? Every style is under $200.”

What We Say: We like Ivanka. However, $200 for a pair of shoes by someone who really isn’t a designer, is like, ummm, crazy. Doesn’t her dad, “The Donald”, sell his line at Macys? If it’s the Trump brand we’re buying (and that is really what you’re buying if you buy the shoes), why would we pay more for her line than her Dad’s? We’re just saying.

That being said, the shoes are actually cute. Really Cute. Most of her shoes fall in the price range of $110-$130 and if we’re looking to splurge for an event – like, say, our wedding –we could see checking the line out. Check out Ivanka’s shoe collection.

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  1. Lee Vuolo says

    I have a big dilemma! I purchased Ivanka Trump Nami 2 shoes in gold for my wedding which is August 26 th this year. When they arrived at my home, there were 2 different size shoes in the box! Ouch! I hav searched everywhere of these shoes in either an 8 1/2 or a 9. Any idea where I might locate these hoes in a hurry? Thank You so much.
    Lee Vuolo
    Very disappointed Bride:(

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