Get Tickets to Isaac Mizrahi’s Show

Heeeeeeeeeeeee’s back!

Isaac Mizrahi is back for his second season of his talk show on the Style network, and he would like to invite you and your guests to attend a free taping!  Isaac is one of my imaginary best friends. In my head, the fashion designer and I discuss the finer points of high/low fashion while sipping Iced Soy Chai Lattes at the Starbuck outpost inside the Jersey City Target. 

Here’s the scoop from Mike, the audience coordinator-

The show runs Tuesdays through Fridays from September 20th until October 13th (There are no shows from October 2-6th).  We have 3 shows per day -audience load-in begins at 10:45am, 2:30 pm, and 4:45 pm.  We suggest you arrive a bit early to secure your place in line. Our studio is located at 501 W. 36th St in New York City (between 10th and 11th).

Please email to request tickets or more information. Be sure to include all your contact information in your message, the day of the week and time requested, along with the number of tickets you’d like.  Please include at least two possible show times you could attend.  Please keep in mind that everyone in your party must be at least 18 years old.

There’s a small chance that I might be a guest on the show and if I am a guest I will post the date and time, so you guys could come and watch me in action or at least support me while I make a fool out of myself.


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  1. says

    Oh my God, I love Mizrahi’s show. For a while I watched it religiously and then I could never find it in the listings and thought that it was over and was Devastated, just Devastated. I am very glad to hear that it is back as my only reason to pay for cable is the fashion shows. Ozlem

  2. missyop says

    OMG!!! I’m so excited for the second season of Isaac’s show. I’m going to email for tickets. It’s the best show on the Style Network

  3. betty says

    Free tickets to Isaac Mizrahi’s show? I’m soooo there… I agree with Ozlem. Fashion shows is the only reason why I have cable..
    Everything else is a piece of crap

  4. Beth says

    Thank you so much for the Isaac update! Do you know if they are doing any more tapings? I’m from Milwaukee and I’m going to be in New York Nov 16 & 17.  Can you ask your friend Mike the audience coordinator? I agree with everyone’s comments! Love the show!
    Thank you!

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