Pick of the Week: Isaac Mizrahi for Target Taffeta Ruffle Party Dress, $49.99

Isaac Mizrahi for Target® Taffeta Ruffle Party Dress, $49.99 at Target.com

This dress by Isaac Mizrahi at Target may look like an inverted snow cone, but it’s all high style.  it actual reminds me of something John Galliano might consider putting on the runway for Dior’s Spring 2008 Paris Couture show (pair with some crazy Victorian hat and 7 inch platforms) .

Granted, not every fashionista can pull a dress like this off, but for those that can, this the dress makes an excellent choice either for prom (although you may not want to wear a dress from target to the prom) or a spring formal event (but not a spring wedding- way to many ruffles).

Who Can Wear it: Those who are smaller on the bottom than top, extreme fashionistas who are looking for something different on a budget, high school divas looking for an interesting (but low price) prom dress.