What to buy Spring 2007: Isaac Mizrahi for Target

Credit: Flickr Creative Commons

Bright colors are popping up everywhere this spring/summer and Isaac Mizrahi’s line for Target is no different.  The designer’s spring line features bold magentas, glaring yellows, and bright blues, along with classic grays, browns and black. I know that some of you have been raising questions in regards to the quality of the garments. Are the garments as good as the ones you’ll find from Isaac’s line at Saks? Probably not.  But they do strike a very necessary balance between high design and affordability. You Betcha!


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  1. says

    Ooh, I like the new line!  That outfit with the trench is so stylish, and the plaid dress is very trendy and cute.  Isaac Mizrahi is amazing, even if he does like to grope celebrities on occasion.


  2. Tricia says

    Oooh the orange plaid dress is lovely…orange seems to be such a hot color right now. Are the bags a part of the line for the spring? The clutch paired with that dress is adorable.

  3. Theresa says

    Any idea when the spring stuff will be available?  I e-mailed Target a couple of times and nobody seemed to know what I was talking about…

  4. Rachel says

    Those are cute! How come I can never find the cute stuff at my local Target. All they seem to stock there is stretched out and ugly.

  5. suz says

    Very very cute.

    My quality issues aren’t as compared to Mizrahi’s lines at Saks, though. They’re compared with the rest of the clothing at Target. The Mizrahi stuff just never looks even as good (fabric, construction) as the other stuff that Target sells. That’s not all that high a standard to meet (there’s a huge grey area between “looks cheap” and “looks expensive” and I think most of what most us wear day-to-day falls in this grey area, as does a lot of what Target sells), and it consistently fails.

  6. B. says

    I have several IM pieces, including two suede skirts and two tailored jackets.  I’m pretty selective about what I pick up, but I never have a problem with the fit or the fabric.  For the most part I like the quality of the pieces, and I haven’t found them to be flimsy or shoddy.  In fact, the only problem I’ve had with any of the clothes is pilling on my silk sweaters, and even then only because I wear them so often.

    p.s. Proenza Schouler is on clearance right now at my Target.

  7. Lucky says

    I’m so loving that yellow floral print dress. I wouldn’t pair it with the shoes or handbag shown, but I would definitely rock that dress.

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