Is Plus Size In?

What: Ms. Anna (Wintour), Vogue’s Editor in Chief,  is generating buzz throughout the fashion industry via her props of Grammy winner Adele’s plus size fashion sense. Some say a plus size fashionista on the cover of Vogue is in the works.

From Nancy LeWinter,  “62% of all American women (18 or older) wearing a size 12+, and yet the plus size market is still overlooked,” says LeWinter. “Fashion is fashion no matter what your size….. Having worked at Vogue for years, it’s great to see their new found respect for women of style no matter what their sizes. The plus size market is finally receiving the recognition it deserves”“

What We Say: Remember the story Oprah told to Vogue Fashion Editor at Large Andre Leon Talley, about how she had to starve herself to a size 6 to be on the cover of Vogue, in which ALT responded, without missing a beat, “Miss Anna don’t like fat people?” Well, “fat people” do buy magazines and, Ms. Wintour, who is faced with a decreased in ad sales due to the economy, understands this all too well. Hopefully we can get soon get to a point where STYLE becomes more important than SIZE.