Is the GAP Dead?

Our friend the Gap is dying…..

Is the Gap Dead

Advertising Age (yes, I do read stuff other than Marie Claire) recently asked retail experts what they would do to save the Gap.  Excerpts from the AdAge Article:

Paco Underhill, author of “Why We Buy” and founder and CEO of behavioral research firm Envirosell, New York: “They have to stick with Monday through Friday, which is where America works and plays, and not be distracted by Saturday night. They have to be in the uniform business rather than the costume business. They have to follow their customers. I wouldn’t compete with Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle. I would focus on Gen Xers and boomers.”

Joseph Beaulieu, retail analyst at Morningstar, Chicago: “They need to be less low-end at Old Navy. The store is starting to look like a cheap discount store. If you freed the Gap brand from having to avoid competing with Banana Republic at the high end and Old Navy at the low end, that could improve their target focus. They have these three segmented brands and don’t want them to step on each other. It’s more of positioning and merchandise issue.”

Seth Godin, marketing guru and author of “Small Is the New Big and 183 Other Riffs, Rants and Remarkable Business Ideas,” via e-mail: “I don’t think it can be done. The Gap represented a movement. It nationalized something regional at the same time they profited from the death of business dress. Both are over, quirkiness is back, and that’s that.”

Here’s What I Would Do to Save Gap

Gap: Stop trying to shove celebrities down our throats and focus on the basics- jeans, sweats, and khakis. I really don’t care whether or not Helen Mirren (whom I love) shops at the Gap, but I do care about finding a great pair of jeans- which is pretty much the hardest thing for women (and men) to buy.  The Gap should bring back the famous jean wall and brand themselves as THE place with jeans to fit EVERY body type.  Not everyone wants to spend $150 on a pair of jeans and the Gap could market themselves as the alternative. While they’re at it, they should change their fit model from teenage girls to your average woman. The Gap can’t compete with Forever 21.

Oldnavy: One word Skirtall. If your design team thinks up horrible pieces like that fugly skirtall, then you really are marching towards retail death. It’s like they hate their customers. I think the idea of one stop family shopping is good, and I guess for a while Old Navy was the most profitable part of Gap, Inc, but they did a turn, too and tried to go head to head with Forever 21, H&M, and Target. Bad move. Stick with being one of the only places a mom can get herself, her husband, and her kids jeans at the same time. Oh, Old Navy also needs to keep their stores clean. For the past year, every Old Navy I go into is a complete and utter mess.

Banana Republic: Banana Republic and I go way back. I’m talking back to before they were purchased by the Gap, when they primarily sold khakis and when they had the tees with that guy with the safari hat. I like Banana Republic and the store is a great alternative to higher priced sports wear brands like Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren.

Bring Back Forth & Towne: Forth & Towne was Gaps’s concept store that targeted working women ages 35+. I LOVED the store and it was posed to compete directly with Ann Taylor and The Loft.. In fact, this store had the possibility to blow the socks off of Anne Taylor in terms of price (Huge Sales), fit (up to size 20 IN STORE), and quality (Thick Wool). Yet, GAP canceled the concept (mostly) due to the recession.

Skirtalls aside, what would you do to save the Gap?

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  1. naadii says

    i think that the gap needs to be more functional.  it’s a little too casual.  as a working woman, i must say that i was really pissed to go shopping at a n old navy store AND a gap store only to find that neither store had ANY skirts suitable for work.  old navy had no skirts for sale at ALL!  i think that they have made the mistake of thinking that the entire world lives in jeans and khakis.  i found myself asking, what happened to the nice clothes?  also tee shirts that can see thru are not good!

  2. Erica says

    I think the problem is that Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic are sometimes too similar. My friends and I can see the same sweater with minor differences in each store. The company says the stitching is better at Banana Republic than at Old Navy, so when you pay more you get better quality. Nothing I have bought at Old Navy (I have not bought anything recently) has fallen apart. But to me the main reason is that the clothes sometimes are just boring. Banana Republic to me used to be modern about five years ago and their clothes looked different, but now how many turtleneck sweaters can someone have? It all comes down to the lack of originality and that all their clothes look the same as everything else that is out there.

  3. Courtney says

    I agree that the Gap needs to get back to basics, especially business casual basics. Jeans, khakis, white button-downs…that’s what I used to love about them. They need to stop being so trendy.

    I used to love Old Navy, but their stuff has gotten so weird lately. There are a lot of things I can’t imagine ANYONE wearing, and they always end up in the sale section anyway.

  4. says

    I couldn’t agree more about old navy being a mess!  Every time I go in there, the hangers (on the clothes that aren’t on the floor) are marked one size, and the garments another.  The sale racks are a mess, very hard to negotiate!
    Banana Republic and Ann Taylor have it right, the sale racks are actually sorted by size, and I was in Lord and Taylor (I know, I know, completely different animal) and they had the sale items sorted by color!
    Your blog rocks-read it every day, and tell everyone about it!

  5. Anne says

    The Gap needs to get back to basics and carry jeans and khakis that FIT.  In a size range that goes up to 20, in stock at the STORE.  And keep carrying them.  Why they thought they had to mess with a perfectly good boot cut and make the thighs so skinny I can’t get them over my knees, I don’t know.  Stop with the teenybopperish crap and stock basics that people above age 20 would actually wear, and not in stupid colors like lime green and acid yellow.  And for heaven’s sake, stop putting hoods on every top!

  6. Julie says

    @ Naadii

    “tee shirts that can see thru are not good!”

    I recently went into an Old Navy and saw the thin see through tees. Those are more for layering than just wearing alone.

    I’ll admit it. I shop at Old Navy for tees. I love layering and Old Navy provides fitted tees at a reasonable price. Layering is so much easier than lugging around a heavy coat or sweater.

    ANYWAYS back to the Gap.

    When looking for more business attire, I have to look at fall fashions. As soon as winter hits they start stocking spring items and the majority of the time its office inappropriate. It may not be in all Gaps, but its what I’ve noticed in the one I’ve been too.

  7. lulubird6 says

    I think that the GAP should dump Old Navy. It’s just dragging everyone down. Forth & Town is great and would do well to get some menswear in there. Dump Piperlime. Seriously. What are they trying to do with that anyway? And bring back the Great Wall of Jeans, please! Complete with tall, regular, ankle, etc.

  8. TBF says

    @Erica- I agree about BN being too boring.. It’s like the same thing.. season after season….

    PS They would save a ton of money on their marketing if they would dump the celebs

  9. Christina says

    Well, I may be in the minority, but as a 27 year old cash-strapped grad student, I love Old Navy.  Their jeans have a better fit than the Gap’s have had for the past two years.  Sure, they have a lot of trendy pieces that are unnecessary, but they have nice casual layering pieces, and they DO have some work clothes; I just got a pretty red button down shirt there.  I wouldn’t do most of my shopping for work there, though.  But for casual pieces and for trendy pieces that you don’t want to pay too much money for, it’s a godsend.  Also, their spring 2007 line has just come out with some pretty nautical inspired pieces.

    As for the Gap, I mostly gave up when they chanegd their jeans sizing two years ago.

  10. Jenny says

    I could not agree more! I haven’t been in an Old Navy in YEARS because 1.) most every piece of clothing I’ve bought there has been of very poor quality and 2.)their stores are disgusting and make me feel icky. I haven’t been very impressed by the Gap lately; I had to return a pair of shoes the day after I bought them because the soles were peeling off. Banana Republic on the other hand, I have nothing bad to say about. The clothes are well-made and the stores are beautiful.

  11. sara says

    If GAP were to disappear from the face of the earth, I simply wouldn’t care.  I like Old Navy for fun, trendy pieces and for their great sales, and I like BR occasionally for staples (though I can rarely afford them without a sale and their quality has been iffy for me recently).  But I basically hate everything at the GAP.  The denim is overpriced and poorly cut, the trendy stuff is practically unwearable, and their basics are overpriced and tired.  I much prefer the dynamic duo of Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft above the whole GAP franchise.  I’ve only been to one Fourth and Towne and it seemed pricey to me, but I bet you can probably do ok if there’s a sale.

  12. says

    For some reason I find great coats at Old Navy. And I like their tees.  But they’re starting to ditch a lot of tall sizes in basics like yoga pants, and that’s frustrating.  Also, their much-vaunted plus size line is in hardly any stores in my area.

    Gap needs to carry plus-sized clothes in the stores, not just online.  If they made some +sized talls, that would be great too.  I mostly buy bags there.

    There’s no Forth and Townes in my area, which is too bad.

    BR is too expensive, and if you go in there to just shop sale accessories, and you’re not a size 2, the sales clerks smirk at you.

    I think Lane Bryant and the department stores have picked up a lot of my business that would go to them.  They need to stop fearing us bigger people and at least throw us a bone.

  13. Shirley says

    I’ve worked at Banana Republic when I was in college and I carry the same mentality when shopping for their clothes across all brands: wait for the sales! Because every single item WILL go on sale. You just have to wait for it. And this point, I don’t even shop in their stores because there’s too much to look it!

    And the stuff is exactly the same. You can find the same freakin merino wool sweater at all three stores that look the same but feel slightly different. And why pay those price points when you can get an equally great piece and cheaper at H&M?

    I wish Forth & Town would provide online shopping or something for the city girl who wouldn’t even know where to find one!

    And finally Gap spends way too much on celeb endorsements but doesn’t seem to make the information public? They should either cut back or milk it for what it’s worth. Case in point, hottie Wentworth Miller of Prison Break is in their in-store ads but no press release on it at all?!?! Befuddled I tell you!

  14. says

    I’m in the minority here: I love Old Navy and do a ton of shopping there.  Their prices are good, their tank tops and flip flops come in pretty colors, and I’m always able to find clothes that are neither overly trendy nor overly boring.  I’ve never had a problem with the quality of the clothes either.  Sure, the skirtall is gross, but it’s not as if that’s the only item they sell.

    I’ve bought things from the Gap exactly once, because someone gave me a gift card.  I’m on a very limited budget and their clothes are just too expensive for me.  Plus, their jeans, which are the one thing I might splurge on, didn’t fit me right last time I tried some on (which, admittedly, was a few years ago, but still).

    I have never shopped at Banana Republic or Forth & Towne, but I suspect that as a 19 year old on a student budget, I’m not their target audience anyway.

    Mostly just wanted to defend Old Navy.  :)

  15. Anna says

    I actually LOVE Old Navy. I wouldn’t see anyone with a womanly body loving it. I like there new-found trendiness… Their cashmere scoop neck sweaters in december were super soft and inexpensive at 30$…

  16. kate says

    To speak to a different aspect of the Gap- I am pregnant, and their maternity clothes are my favorite affordable clothes out there. BUT they don’t carry any in the store!! I live three blocks away from Gap’s flagship store on Michigan Ave in Chicago and I still have to order all my clothes from them online, try them on, and then return the ones I don’t like (which gets me evil comments from the salesclerks) because they carry about 1/3 of their merchandise in the store.

    I totally agree about bringing back the jeans. I used to only buy jeans at the Gap because you could always find long sizes in the store, and sometimes even extra long, and now I usually have to order them because they don’t carry the same size selection in store!

  17. AJ says

    First of all, as a plus sized woman I can say I have never shopped in a Gap store for clothes. However, I have noticed the fall of Gap too. Even their commercials (which used to really be cool…remember the mello yellow commercial?) have gotten worse. Old Navy used to be my stand by, but honestly some of their clothes have gotten a little weird, and they have strayed away from the way they began. If not for the new plus sized line (which is a god send that I can find jeans that are less than $40, and decent work clothes that are less than $50 at Old Navy) I probably would not shop there anymore. I agree with everyone, Gap, Old Navy, and so forth need to resist the trend to follow forever 21 and so forth. Eventually the Forever 21 girls will grow up, and they’ll need some decent adult clothes to do it in! And Old Navy IS a mess everytime I go in there!

  18. silentgrrl says

    Gap Inc.‘s problem is that there is not really anything that makes each store stand out from their other stores.  Old Navy and Gap to me are similar except Gap’s a little bit more expensive but the price range I think is still reasonable if things fit properly which I haven’t experienced.
    Old Navy’s problem is that it has too wide of an audience I think because they’re goal is to be cheap. This makes for a lot of possible audience which makes for a messy store.  I think that Old Navy has to make up it’s mind of whether it wants to be young and trendy or for mom’s.
    If Old Navy made up, it’s mind of who it’s marketing to besides just being cheap, I think that Gap could take over the other part and make things around the current Gap prices and cheaper.
    I don’t know about BR and Forth and Towne but I looked at their websites and it seems to me that they’re pricing is similar and their age group is similar except BR is for the business woman at work and Forth and Towne is for them in the country or something…I don’t know, I think that they could have easily put both together into one store rather than branching out with a new store.

  19. sasha says

    I don’t shop at the gap because i can’t find anything to fit me, and not because everything is too small but because it’s too big. i’m over 20 and not a size 12 but i like to consider myself a “normal” woman. I hate how normal suddenly means big. If banana republic didn’t make a petite 00 then i couldn’t buy anything without having it drastically altered. Also, i’m 5’4” so petite shirts don’t fit because they’re too short and regular shirts are too big. But boohoo to me for being small right?

  20. TBF says

    Sasha- your points are very valid- petite fashionistas have it as hard, probably even harder than plus size fashionistas. I’ve been search for YEARS for an expert that can talk intelligently about petite fashions and I just haven’t found one.

  21. Dianna says

    I agree Gap Inc. stores are going down hill.  Old Navy needs to design better clothes.  I am a plus size woman and I used to love shopping at Old Navy. It seems now that their clothes look too cheaply made.  The beading and thread designs on their tees always comes undone.  The plus size clothing offered in their women’s plus line is not up to par with the rest of the women’s line.  I also think they need to stop putting the sizes on their hangers, they never match the size of the clothing on the hanger.  I also think there jeans don’t fit well.  As for The Gap I agree they need to go back to basics.  Banana Republic needs to stop making clothes that look like they were taken from a sofa pattern.  All the stores need to stop shoving their brands credit card down customers throats.

  22. Leah says

    I agree with several points made in some of the posts.

    1) HM can offer decently-made peices, without the high prices. and STILL offer basic staples as well as trendy peices.

    2) Every item from BR and the GAP eventually goes on sale. This used to frustrate me when I shopped there. But now I just stopped shopping at teh Gap because quite frankly, it bores me. And Old Navy just doesn’t have the quality or cut that young professionals are looking for.

    In my opinion, SJP didn’t bring down the Gap at all. When she had her ad campaign, that was the last time I shopped at the store. She made it fun and quirky, and now its just a place for tshirts and jeans.

  23. SAM says

    The Gap needs to stop trying to compete w/ the Forever 21s, Hollister & Abercrombie – they are not going to attract that crowd – go to your roots – quality, comfortable, fashion but not trendy clothes that fit the family – i loved the Gaps jeans – now i don’t even bother to try them on – Boomers still care about fashion and there are only a few Forth & T’s – how bout carrying clothes the rest of us can & WILL buy?

  24. Raina says

    Forth and Towne is the greatest store ever….great sales,price adjustments,beautiful and nice quality clothes!!!  We need one in Manhattan!!

  25. Lauren says

    I agree about Old Navy- I used to shop there when I was younger, but then I kept coming home with things I’d never wear, and things I’d never get to wear because they were so cheaply made. 

    Gap, on the other hand, I LOVE.  There are so many great things in that store and I wear 2-4 Gap pieces every day.  I have never been more happy with a clothing store, and their Product (RED) section is wonderful for raising awareness.  Endorsement does get annoying, but whatever works is worth it.

    Gap clothes are well-made and cute.  I think the overall problem here is that they have changed their audience without the audience’s knowledge.  They used to be better for middle-aged women, and they are slowly moving to younger clothing.  But, for the younger woman, the clothing is cute, functional, and reasonably priced.

  26. Kitty says

    My problem with the Gap is that suddenly their jeans don’t fit me… and, besides that, every pair of jeans in the store looks like somebody put it on and rolled around under a car that was leaking oil.  Seriously, I’m not paying for jeans that make me look like a auto mechanic who forgot about soap.

  27. redegg says

    Gap is boring boring boring!!! Last time I walked by one they had five mannequins in the window all dressed in khakis and white button down shirts. Exactly the same. And then I heard that their stores were in trouble.
    I never shop there anymore and just get basics at Banana because there is no originality. I shop for most of my clothes at Anthropology because they all have fantastic details that make them look unique.

  28. Jennifer says

    As a decade long shopper at GAP, I’ve witnessed what I see as a slow but steady decline in quality and offerings of basics. I have and probably will always see GAP as my “basics” store, and when I go in there to see fuschia ruffled tees and velvet-tiered skirts, it’s never without chagrin. I like my staples, and they’re harder to find now then they used to be.

    Probably my biggest complaint about GAP, though, is their size stock. You have a better chance of making out with Angelina Jolie in Spain during a winter storm than you do of finding a size 2 or 4. It’s horribly frustrating and has been the root of many a GAP cursing under my breath (sometimes, not so under). At the same time, I can always find what’s sold out in my size in a size 14. SMALL PEOPLE need love too, GAP.

  29. LB says

    Gap Crap! I’ve hated that boring place for several years. I don’t like the fits either, too constraining and itchy, that’s true for me (14) and my kids (and two of em need a slim.)

    Remember that “Every Gift Only Gap” Xmas ad a few years ago? I think that really sunk them. It was just too insulting and obvious to admit that their goal was to dress everyone ALL the same. Like the one marketing guys says above, quirkiness is back in and the GAP just does not offer that at all.

    My closest Old Navy is well maintained, but I have been in some of those yucky ones. OldNavy pant fits are iffy and the fabrics do fade, but I can’t say our Old Navy stuff has gone to shreds the way H & M stuff does. That stuff is downright shoddy.

    Sometimes it just feels like there is no where to shop for the fam. Target? Cozy but thier stuff fades and pills badly.

  30. Kim says

    Gap needs to go back to what made them famous…JEANS!  Also, they need to make jeans for women who actually have a derri�re.  It seems like they make jeans for the “hangers” who model them.

  31. says

    I have been disappointed in the GAP and all its divisions for a while. I used to be able to find lots of stuff I liked at all their stores, and now it is just onesie-twosie. I am willing to spend money on things that are noce, fit well, and last, and lately their product has fallen by the wayside. Even BR is boring—-in fact, I much prefer the BR factory store, though there are none near me. What I would like is to be able to order from all three stores in one purchase, instead of store by store. That would be really nice, and I would be more likely to buy if I could combine store purchases. I realize this might be hard for them to implement logistically, though.

    In any case, I used to shop all three divisions all the time, but lately I have been bored by them all, except for random items. I do like Piperlime and have purchased some shoes from them, but worry that yet another division will take the company’s focus off of fixing what is currently broken at their mainstay divisions.


  32. Ciji says

    My biggest problems with clothes today is that a young professional career woman must either dress like a slut (Express) or a church lady (Ann Taylor). 

    Forth & Towne is great for the 35+ crowd, but at 30, single, no kids, I’m not ready to look like a soccer mom.  I need professional clothes and decent prices that are age appropriate, which is like looking for a needle in a haystack these days.

    Banana Rep. is more my style—clean lines, conservative colors, clothes for all occasions—but shame on them for charging upwards of $85 for rayon pants (or jackets!) with no lining.  Do designers even know what lining is for nowadays?  It’s not for warmth (the main argument against it here in sunny So Cal), it’s for fit: is you have lined pants, you can wear regular underwear with no VPLs. Us ladies with a little junk in the trunk find thongs highly uncomfortable.

    Old Navy prices match the quality.  I’m not looking for clothes to last a lifetime, just a outfit for this season.  Especially since ON has a 3 wash rule (3 washes and it’s done!)

    I haven’t been in a Gap in 3 years.  If they were more like NY&Co, I’d take a gander.  I like contemporary but not trendy clothes, and conservative clean lines.  Stores like NY&Co (and the late Limited) serve those needs.

  33. Kaycee says

    … I am wearing gap jeans right now. I love them. Most of my friends also love them, but tend to go for AF, AE, Hollister just because those brands are “hot” to wear. Personally, I’ll stick with gap. I would be seriously depressed if my favorite store died. I’m a little too poor for them, but I shop there as often as I can!

  34. suz says

    Gap needs to decide who their customer is and stick with the decision.

    Banana Republic needs to bring the design up to the price point.

    Old Navy is doing okay, I think. I’d like to see the wovens/work clothing reach the same quality as the knits (tees and fleece and yoga pants), but on the other hand that would raise the prices.

  35. Kristin says

    I like the Gap for summer basics and for MACHINE WASHABLE pants to wear to work (I’m a teacher).

    I’ve been disappointed lately with the Gap though, because the store seems to have just one type of clothing in it at a time.  During the holiday season it was sweaters with gift tags attached to them, and now it’s sweat shirts and t-shirts.  They need more of a variety of clothes to wear to work, in addition to the sweaters and button down shirts.

    The sizing at the Gap is ridiculous.  I’m a medium framed person and the small is often a little loose, so small framed women who wants clothes just can’t shop at the Gap.

    Old Navy is always a mess because it is always a mob scene.  It is perfect for teenagers looking for disposable trends and families on a budget.  Banana Republic has nice basics for professionals and when in a pinch, I’ll shop there to buy a dress for a wedding or holiday party.

    In my opinion, the target audience of the Gap is disappearing because the middle class is disappearing.  Most Americans can only afford to shop at Old Navy, so they don’t even walk into the other stores.

  36. says

    I love GAP’s prices and the quality of their clothing but every time I walk into that store, I get sick to my stomach. Perhaps it is just my local GAP but everything in there is white and khaki. Everything is so bland and colorless.  I’m not talking about filling the store with rainbow and tye-dye, but I am talking about sprucing the place up a bit.
    I really feel like they’re all mixed up. I find the classic button up white shirt next to the faded black skinny jeans with the zipper at the bottom? Hunh? That doesn’t make any sense.
    Love the Product (Red) though.
    They should just focus on increasing awareness about the Product (Red) campaign rather than celebrities.
    Old Navy is filty. Disgusting. The clothes are thrown everywhere, everything is dusty, and while I love the prices and the trendiness (why spend a lot of money on something that might not be the most stylish thing in a year or two?) but the poor quality is something to worry about. I wouldn’t mind a raise in a dollar if it means that my tank won’t lose it’s shape and hang off of me by the end of the day (true story-on a trip to Atlanta, I put on my Old Navy tank that was a perfect fit in the morning and by five, it was baggy and showing off my bra).
    Banana Republic is a beautiful store and I love the sales. At least Gap Inc. got something right.

  37. citysquirrel says

    I guess I’m in a minority, because Gap jeans are the only ones that fit me perfectly. (But then, when it comes to jeans fit, everybody’s a minority.) And unlike most “stretch” jeans, the Gap’s actually have STRETCH WAISTBANDS! I know, what a concept. :-)

    I also love their “favorites” tee shirts, which I get in multiple colors to wear under shirts and sweaters. And BTW, I’m well over 50 years old. For me, the Gap still provides classic casual wear.

  38. Lena says

    Having shopped these stores for 20 years I can see where the problems are coming from. Prices are going up and the quality just doesn’t seem the same anymore. Case in point, my husband wore only Banana Republic shirts when we met over 10 years ago. We’d shop at the Gap & Old Navy for our casuals as well and this was at a time in our marriage when money was tight. My daughters and I still shop Old Navy, but my husband absolutely hates their ‘men’s” section.

      As my husband recently put it when I suggested we go to Banana Republic to get him some new shirts he replied, “I’m not wasting 30 bucks for a darn t-shirt. I can buy 3 or 4 similar ones at Wal-Mart for the price of one.” This from the man who will shell out several hundred dollars for a(what I consider ugly) jacket just to go fishing in a few times a year because it is high quality.

      Consumers aren’t going to pay big bucks for generic looking items or items that have little functionality or quality. If we wanted that, that’s what Wal/K-Mart is for and the quality of their stuff is much better than it was years ago. Now, if we want name brand we just browse the local Ross type stores.

      Gone is the excess of the 80’s & 90’s. Maybe these stores (especially the Gap & BR)should realize that they might be better off selling 2 shirts at $20 dollars each and make $20 dollars ($10 per shirt)instead of trying to sell 1 shirt for $30 with the same $20 overall profit. Yes, I’d be paying $10 more in the long run, but at least I would have 2 shirts and they would have had my business and be 20 bucks richer.

  39. OCAKA says

    I am a Forth and Towne fan. In fact, just bought a couple of pieces in Century City on Saturday. I’m lucky that I have access to three of the stores (Chula Vista, Century City and Topanga Plaza).
    What I spent in BR is now in Forth and Towne, because I am on the higher end of misses’ sizes and am over 35.
    As for Old Navy, I hope the new dress I got won’t be a 3 and done. I don’t plan to wash it, though. It’s going to go to the dry cleaners.
    And I don’t know how to fix Gap proper. The only things I buy from them are outerwear (trench coats and jackets).

  40. Tina says

    It was just this Christmas when my father looked at the tv and asked when the Gap became a hip-hop store…and I said it hadn’t but it sure looked like it wanted to be.  Gap doesn’t know who they are advertising too and have lost touch with their demographic.

    To be honest some of the stuff I’ve seen at the Gap is just wrong…I want sweaters that I can dress up for work or wear with jeans for the weekend.  I want jeans that are flattering, and not disgusting skinny jeans.  T-shirts are cool, just do them in flattering colors.  And skirts shouldn’t be so short you couldn’t wear them to your grandmother’s birthday.  Basics should be there in the store, but also have some trendy items…just don’t go too out there and have crazy puffy jackets with fur-lined hoods..yeeech… 

    I love BR clothes.  They are classic, professional and make me wish I could afford them more often. 

    ON is disgusting.  There’s dust on the floor and the clothes are never in order.  I would by party clothes there in college because I didn’t care if beer got spilled on them.  But I can’t remember the last thing I got there.

    Forthe and Towne is not near me so I can’t tell…but piperlime is a waste…seriously why not carry a smaller line of shoes in gap stores…like you do at banana…those are at least nice and you won’t find the same shoe for 20% less down the street.

  41. shopper says

    I like the Gap—I can always find something cute and unique there.  But have you seen their website lately?  The photos of jeans/pants feature kockneed gurlz in beat up sneakers—YUKK!!  Why pitch cute clothes to tomboy fugs?????

  42. Al says

    Gap should jazz it up a bit in terms of colors. Maybe start making those basics in unique but wearable shades of purple, green etc. Oh and carry more small sizes. I love Old Navy, there clothes seem to last for a season or two just fine as long as you air dry them (which I do anyway because I hate shrinkage). The Old Navy in my medium sized city is very nice, clean and never too crowded (except on Saturdays)

  43. Deanna says

    The only store I’ve been in (out of BN, GAP, etc) us Old Navy. I have to agree, there clothes aren’t usually in order and it is kind of dusty. There clothes are pretty generic as well. I only shop there to buy my jeans, and maybe flip flops, and the rest at American Eagle, Abercrombie, etc (I’m 14). ON clothes are just BORING. I have bought a few items, like tops, from them, but have never worn them.

  44. Nicole says

    I think Gap should liven up. Get with the bright fashiony movement. They should feature limited time or even better (full time) items designed for less by famous designers. Most women die for that. Target has gotten it down, and it looks like it’s doing more than good. To me, Gap seems stuffy, plain Jane, business meets comfort, and sells overly priced blah nothingness. I don’t even like the atmosphere when I walk in to their stores. The last thing they did, was the (Product) Red line. Even having Oprah publicly praise the line, couldn’t rescue them from the bottomless hole they’re in, like they were probably hoping. So Gap here is some words of wisdom, “Get with program, and sell stuff we actually like”!!

  45. Thibault H. says

    Interesting comments. I’m a small-framed male, in my early 30s and 5’9”. I find GAP clothing fitting me very well. I wear their XS size for their tops and 28” for their pants. I agree, the selection is a little limited when it comes to style but I’m finally thankful that in the US of A I have found a clothing store that actually carries clothing that fits me. I have no problem shopping in East Asia, but in USA, everything is usually too big.

  46. Mihajunk says

    I worked at Old Navy and the sale rack was like working in Tarturus.  For every shirt you managed to get back on a hanger 3 customers were pulling down 5 more.  I think the best thing the Old Navy can do is invest in huggable hangers so that crap isn’t just sliding off those suckers.  The also need to cut back on their stocking.  When you have a sales rack that looks a mess for 365 days of the year it’s because you aren’t clearing merchandise.  

    On the gap end of the spectrum I don’t know what to say, except up the quality.  I’ve had shirts and pants fabric start to pill in less than a year.  I love their basic design but I won’t buy anything full price b/c I know it’ll eventually fall apart.

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