All I Want for Christmas is an iPod Nano Red Edition

I never wanted an iPod . You see, I was that one, lone person, at the gym fumbling with a cd player (yep, cd player), while trying to keep up with the treadmill. Oh, I’ve had interactions with the device. In fact, my husband tried to introduce me to the wonderful world of iPods via the cheaper iPod shuffle, which broke (while I was on the treadmill) within a month of receiving the precious gift.

I never wanted an iPod…  that is, until I received a newsletter from Apple announcing the arrival of the iPod nano RED Special Edition. This little portable music device holds up to 4GB (1000 songs for the tech challenged) and comes in a sleek red case. Red is my favorite color (hello, I’m an Aries, fire signs represent!) and since i still have 463.00 left over from my failed handbag purchases, I could swing a purchase of the stylish tech gadget.  Or perhaps a certain husband would like to reintroduce his lovely wife to the wonderful world of iPods (hint, hint).

The RED Edition Nano is also part of the group of RED PRODUCTS that gives a portion of its purchase price to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa- a cause very near and dear to my heart.

Charity and Style… I love it!

The only bad part is that the limited Red Edition iPod Nano is only available at Apple stores and at for the 99% of the world that doesn’t live near an Apple store.

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  1. Peter says

    The Red iPod nano is available via  Thus, an Apple Store is as close as your computer.  I assume that if you’re blogging, you’re using your computer.

    Just go over to and order one.

  2. Amanda says

    You aren’t the only one that said no to an iPod.  I had said I never wanted one.  Well, my loving husband bought me the mother of all iPods earlier this month for our 9th anniversary – a black 80G iPod.  Man, do I love this toy!  I’ve downloaded all the fashion podcasts – ELLE, Vogue, etc.  I love, love, love watching the runway shows while I am on the treadmill.  There are even podcasts of one hour’s worth of music to work out to at the gym. Buy it… you’ll love it.  Although, I don’t know if you can watch the video podcasts on the Nano.

    P.S.  I too have an Apple store in the mall (which I live across the street from).

  3. Sharon says

    My Beau purchased the iPod shuffle for my birthday last year, and upgraded me to the 80gig Daddy of them all this year for my birthday.  I am hopelessly addicted to it.  I think you will find enjoyment in it. 

    Your Nano will do something that my big daddy will not.  Your Nano will be equipped, and if you buy the special brand of Nike shoe, it will record workout data in real time so that you can track your workout progress.  I think thats cool, and it opens up a big world of expansion for Apple and other companies.

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