TBF’s Personal Finance Series “Being Broke Ain’t Cute”: How to Invest $100 by Bargaineering


A few weeks ago, I wrote a relatively popular piece about inventive and effective (risk-less) ways to

“invest” a hundred dollars and today I’ll expand on that a bit and add on a few more ideas.

How To Invest $100

The gist of the


was to take advantage of promotional offers from banks and brokerages to
take a $100 deposit and turn it into a much larger sum through free
money offers. The offers included Bank of America, Sharebuilder,
Virtual Bank, and ING Direct. Bank of America offered cash to new
account holders who initiated a direct deposit, Sharebuilder has several
promotional codes good for free money, Virtual Bank and ING Direct have
deposit bonuses where if you deposit a minimum amount you would
automatically receive free money.

Let me go into how the Sharebuilder promotional offers work. The first
step is to open up a Sharebuilder account using a promotion code that
will give you free money. Currently, there’s a $50 bonus code
ENTERTAIN50 if you deposit some funds and make a purchase. Stock
purchases are a mere $4 but stock sales are a pricy $14.95. Let’s say
you put in $50, make a purchase, get the $50 bonus money, and then sell
your stock back at your purchase price. Net result is a gain of $30.05
($50 less $4 purchase
commission and $15.95 sale commission) which is a 60.1% gain on a $50
investment. From there, you can turn that back around and repeat this
process with new promotional codes until you’re rich! (well, at least richer)

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