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The Lowdown: Laura reviews, an online shopping portal with a focus on celebrity style. While it seems most items on the site cost a painful $100 to $1000+, there are some more affordable finds, too.

Our Review: If your wardrobe’s inspired (or you wish it was) by Red Carpet dresses and well-dressed celebs caught on camera, StyleSpot has your number. The site features images of celebs and their clothing and, via affiliate partnerships (meaning they get a percentage of your purchases from the site), offer up high and low-end alternatives for shoppers. In addition, the site features the now standard online shopping search engine format (think ShopStyle), driven by their affiliate partners.

For those who follow celeb style, you can shop by celebrity. Cameron Diaz has 11 looks to choose from, while Kim Kardashian has 23. You can also browse images of awards shows, parties, “on the town” paparazzi shots, etc, and then shop by look. But even if you have zero desire to copy a certain celeb, StyleSpot is still relevant. After all, for boots alone, there are over 1,000 to choose from. Plus, you can refine your results. Search by color, embellishment (buckle, zippers, etc), fabric, print, silhouette (shape), material, and even characteristics (vegan, vintage, antique, eco-friendly!). I was able to search for (and find) a red baby doll dress for under $50. Apparently, it’s inspired by Lauren Conrad.

Unfortunately, for many, StyleSpot may offer up more of a fantasy shopping experience than a real one. Sorry, $1890 is just not worth looking like “Claire Danes.” And right now, you won’t find any denim on the site for under $100. However, it is possible to find great clothes on a budget. Like this $28 Charlotte Russe halter dress and this $29.99 jacket from Newport News.

Besides price, we have one final bone to pick with StyleSpot. Give us more “regular” and “cute” celebrity looks! While the site features all kinds of celebrity styles, it’s a little formal wear-heavy, probably due to the availability of celebrity red carpet photos. That’s probably why many of the aforementioned search options don’t actually yield much results, if any. I was only able to find one “vegan” dress, for example.

Our Verdict: The site is basically a shopping search engine for the 16-25 year old fashionista set who strives on celeb gossip and style. If you fit into this category, this is the site for you.

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