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What is the one piece of clothing you cannot live without?

I can’t choose just one. I’d be absolutely lost without my cashmere shawl,
black Manolo Blahniks & my fabulous knit poncho that covers my ###!

You have $50 dollars and 30 minutes to shop. Where do you go and what
do you buy?

I?d have to go with something strapless or a funky, fitted top that would add
a little pizzazz to my favorite black pants and heels. I LOVE the sassy new
styles Betsey Johnson has for Spring!

If you could give one Fashion Public Service Announcement-what would
it be?

Enough with the hip huggers, ladies. They look good on very few people, and
that “cute” baby fat is not cute spilling over the sides of your pants.
Personally, I’m loving the lady-like looks that are popular this season.

A family member gives you a Louis Vuitton Bag-, which turns out to be
a fake. Do you carry it, give it away, or trash it?

One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. I’d unload it on eBay and give
it a new home it deserves!

What is your number one fashion secret?

High heels under long pants to give me the illusion of longer legs- we can’t
all be Tyra Banks, but we can use their fashion secrets to our advantage.

Quick Questions (because we are lazy)

Wal-Mart or Target?

Are you kidding? Target, hands down! Where else can I pick up Isaac Mizrahi
and toilet bowl cleaner in one stop?

Kate Spade or Prada?

Kate Spade- it’s the epitome of what’s hot for spring & works around the
clock with any outfit.

Martha or Oprah?

Oprah-let’s face it—- Martha went to the Big House & Oprah strikes a
better balance between femininity and self-empowerment.

New York or London?

New York in a New York Minute! You can’t beat the energy, culture & fabulous

Barney’s or Bergdorf?

Bergdorf, dahhling!

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