Interview: Kathi O’Neil, publisher- Portland Picks

I have a date. I have 1 hour and $50 bucks to find something to wear.
What should I do?

No worries! Great last minute fashion buys don’t always come with a hefty price
tag. I always trust my old mainstay Banana Republic- classy, yet flirty and
fun. A floral strapless cotton dress or a flouncy skirt with a camisole you
already own would be perfect datewear this season- either outfit can be dressed
up or down depending on your own inspired shoe and jewelry choices.


My mom is a recent widow and now she is starting to get back into the
dating scene after a 35 year hiatus. What are some tips for women who are just
getting back into the whole dating scene?

Ugh! I shudder at the thought of my mom posting on Lavalife or some other online
swingles hangout. Getting back into the dating scene is tough at any age, but
especially anxiety-provoking when you lose a spouse. I think the best way to
meet someone with whom you share interests with is to join a health club, country
club, or garden club. Even better, take up golf—- the perfect way to meet
some handsome men her age (or even younger!). If none of these float her boat
maybe a cooking class or learning a second language will…there are so many
opportunities out there for women of every age to meet like-minded mates. Most
importantly, it’s crucial that she use the same friends she leaned on after
being widowed and get the 411 out that she’s back in the dating game!

When I was a single gal, my friends and I use to cruise online dating
services like and We found that online dating was good
for casual dating, but not for serious relationships. Do you agree with our
observation or are we just losers?

I’m with you! We all want to meet Mr. Right, but wading through the weirdos
and casual dating matches is exhausting. The best way I’ve found to meet that
special someone is through referrals from friends and people whom you trust.
I adore the concept Great Boyfriends/Great
has come up with. Each dating “candidate”
comes with a stamp of approval, whether it’s from an ex, friend or family member.
Dating is hard enough, it’s always nice to know that someone else would actually
recommend a guy for a dating relationship!

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