Interview: Kathi O’Neil, publisher- Portland Picks

I hated dating, which is why I got married. ( okay, I was also in love). But I remember dating as being so time consuming. You have to find a guy. You have to get him to ask you out. You have to find something to wear on the date. You have to find something else to wear on the date. You go on the date- have to be witty.  You have to wait for his call. While waiting for his call, you have phone conversations with your friends about how long one should wait for his call. Etc..etc.. So, I had a chat with Kathi O’Neil, the publisher of the hip guide Portland Picks and the now defunct dating magazine, Potion TV about the world of dating, fashion, and her love of Target.

Interview with Kathi O’Neil



What is your full name
Kathi O’Neil

How old are you (or how old do you feel)
I’m 38 but feel 24 most days.

Publisher of the now defunct Potion TV Magazine, publisher of Portland
, and Owner/President of Westover Media.

Current Home
After many years in San Francisco and Manhattan, I moved back home to Portland
and was fortunately able to sustain my big city career in a smaller market.

Celebrity Fashion Twin (the one celebrity your own sense of style is
most like)

Oh, gosh.. I wouldn’t call any of them my twin, but maybe my fashion idols….Audrey
Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and the late Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. They are timeless.

Dating Advice

As the publisher of the former hip dating site, Potion.TV you have
a Gucci bag full of dating advice. What are five things you should never do
on a date
If it’s a first date..
#1 – DO NOT SLEEP WITH HIM, under any circumstances.
#2 – Do not get drunk (which will help avoid #1 as well).
#3 – do not talk about marriage or babies.
#4 – Do not talk about old boyfriends
#5 – Do not be negative or whiny.
Pretty obvious stuff.

What are the five things you should never wear on a date
#1- Too much perfume
#2- Too much makeup,
#3- Clothes that are too small or don’t fit properly, e.g. hip huggers and crop
tops (no tummy on a first date, even if you have the six-pack for it)
#4- Fake nails or nails that are too long (absolutely no nail art!).
#5- Also don’t be too designer-clad (e.g. the Burberry jacket, Burberry purse,
scarf, etc). It’s a big turn off and sends the wrong message. (Obviously, there’s
the theme here, moderation is key with everything in life, down to the way you

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