The Future of Shopping? Virtual Mannequins, Digital Endcaps, and Adidas’ Magic Shoe Wall

What: Intel unveiled their Connected Store with advanced touch screen and virtual technology for retailers like Proctor & Gamble, Adidas and fast food restaurants.

What They Say: “Several of the proof-of concepts feature the company’s first “visibly smart” 2nd Generation Intel Core processor family that combines visuals and 3-D graphics technology with performance-leading microprocessors on a single chip. Demos involving Intel® Retail Interactive Fashion Experience, adiVERSE (a virtual search engine footwear wall) and the Intel® Digital Signage Endcap all show unique ways to seamlessly integrate these technologies into a retail environment with benefits for retailers and consumers alike.”

What We Say: We’re not going to lie, this technology was pretty cool. Our favorite was the large virtual shoe wall made for Adidas on which you could surf through hundreds, nay, thousands of shoes, select the model you like with your finger then manipulate the item and find out all the details, buzz and make a purchase. Not too mention that the wall can identify your gender to assist the virtual selection. We were also fans of the virtual mannequin, which allows you to quick select the items from a display on the screen and see how those pieces look on a virtual mannequin.

Some of the other concepts, like the hands-free digital end cap, made us wonder if shoppers would be tech savvy enough to use them effectively without expert assistance. We also wonder if this technology will end up being like an in-store video game rather than a helpful retail tool for finding deals and the products you want.

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