Beauty Advice: Where to Find Insulated Cosmetic Bags

Dear Budget Fashionista,

HOT weather is almost here. Are there any insulated cosmetic bags out there to keep make up from melting?

Answer: Avon has a cosmetic bag with an insulated inside for $15.00 ($3.99 when you select 2 color purchases). You can also try a company called IcyBag, which sells an insulated cosmetic bags with a storage compartment for ice, for $15.99. Sometimes you can also find cute insulated lunch bags that could double as an insulated cosmetic bags on etsy, a craft market place.

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  1. says

    The bag is a great idea, when I saw it I had an ahhh moment.  How about for everyone that has to take medication that has to be refrigerated.  How cool would this bag be to carry your medication?

    SoHo Accessories

  2. kat says

    I have the IcyBag ( and I LOVE it. Not only is it insulated but it also comes with a freezer gel pack! I use it for makeup, lotions/creams, lip gloss, medications and even snacks!

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