Sexy, Smokey Eyes in 5 Minutes or Less

The Technique

The Technique

Credit: Renata de Thomasis

Start with a clean eyelid. You can also use a primer if you find that eyeshadow normally has trouble sticking to your eyelids. Take a clean brush and apply the lighter shade that you chose to your inner eyelid. Overlapping just a little, apply your dark gray smoky shade to the rest of your eyelid (not on the upper eyelid by your eyebrows). To finish off the look, take a metallic shade in a lighter gray (or even lighter blue) tone and apply it underneath the arch of your eyebrow. Gently run your clean finger over your entire eyelid to ensure that it smoothly blends together.

The key to an evenly-blended look is using brushes and only applying a little eyeshadow at a time. It’s easy to add more color later than to take it away, so, less is more. You’d be surprised how just a little bit of dark shadow makes a dramatic look. Finish it off with the normal dark eyeliner you typically use whether it’s gel, pencil, or another type. The key is to feel comfortable and beautiful with the products you use.

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