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Here at TBF, we’re suckers for a little style inspiration, and since we live online a site called “” is something we’re not going to pass up without a closer look.

Our Review: Any site that opens with a chance to enter a $10,000 sweepstakes gets our attention, as is the case with But the entry form requires us to pick from a list of malls—most of which are, of course, located on the coasts so for those of us in between we’re not really sure what this means. Particularly because the site never tells us why we had to choose a mall. Is the $10,000 only good at one of those locations? Hard to say. So we move on …

The rest of the site? Thoroughly confusing. Not because it’s hard to navigate—it’s not—it’s just that there’s nothing even remotely inspiring. Click on the carousel and tabs, and get very abbreviated blurbs on the latest trends and answers to a handful of style related questions. At this point we’ve decided that this site is merely an advertisement for the malls involved. But a very poor one at that, as we don’t really know who they are or what they want from us.

The Verdict: Nay. Go and enter the sweepstakes maybe, or just forget it altogether.

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