Inaugural Fashion

Nope, no inaugural ball in our future—and if there’s none in yours either, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make the occassion as festive as possible. If you are going to any kind of inaugural get together, it’s an opportunity to be patriotic for sure, but we beg you—please please please do not wear 1) an American flag sweater, 2) any combination of stars and stripes, and 3) anything that makes you look like the Statue of Liberty (no torch, no crown, no nothing). So what should you wear? We believe patriotic can be chic (or just cute without being precious). Some pieces to add a little patriotic flava without being mistaken for a walking Fourth of July celebration:

1. Gathered Knit Tunic, $9.50, Forever21

2. LV&root_category%7C1954=WOMEN’S+ACCESSORIES&category%7C1982=Jewelry&browse=1&rpt=Department.aspx&pt=ProductListing.aspx” title=”Multi-Star Stretch Bracelet, $16.50, G By Guess”>Multi-Star Stretch Bracelet, $16.50, G By Guess

3. Marilyn Knit Dress, $22.90, Forever21

4. Red Patent Chain Belt, $9.80, Forever21

5. This Girl Loves Obama Tee, $22, Boutique To You

6. City Style Gypsy Red Scoop Neck Blouse, $10.48, New York & Company

7. Beaded Star Necklace, $7.80, Forever21

8. Red Perez Shine Flat, $8.50, Forever21

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