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One of the biggest challenges of online shopping is that you are, in every practical sense, on your own. You can search items to your heart’s content, and read every description word by precious word, but if you have a question, or don’t know exactly what you’re looking for? You’re out of luck. But not at, where they boast “human assisted” shopping. At least that’s the theory. Let’s see if it checks out.

Our Review: First things first—at first glance, the site is not as navigationally-friendly as we’d like. Confronted with a list of recent random questions and answers on various shopping topics and some visual clutter, we really weren’t sure where to start.

Since we’re in the business of shopping, however, we pressed on, and soon realized that this is not a shopping site per se—it’s a community site that helps you figure out where to get what you’re looking for. Okay, so the “shopping” part of the “IMShopping” moniker confused us, but moving on …

Once we got a handle on what the heck we’re doing here, we, naturally, clicked on over to “Clothing and Accessories” to see what other shoppers are looking for. A whole lotta things, as it turns out—from someone seeking cute AND comfortable sandals to a shopper on a quest for Ed Hardy clothes, to a bride-to-be wondering if she should wear a tiara for her wedding. Sooo, that last one is not exactly a shopping question. In fact, much of what we saw were not shopping questions per se, but more opinion/recommendation questions.

All of which seemed a little broad for us, until we really got in the swing of it. Posing a question about where to purchase pretty colored bras on a budget, we found some interesting related questions about finding hard-to-fit bra sizes, etc.—all of which had at least one seemingly-helpful answer from an “expert”—which convinced us this might be a useful stop after all. Especially when our question was answered in about 10 minutes complete to links with some inexpensive options. Nice!

One bonus: register and you can get paid if you have provided the best “expert” answer (usually a buck each, but free money is free money).

The Verdict: Yea. Here at The Budget Fashionista, we’re all about community and sharing information with our peeps—so we can easily get behind a site like IMShopping. Though, since it’s not technically a “shopping” site, we STILL think the name is misleading …

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