10 Life Hacks: Ideas for Easter Decorations

Holy hop, it’s almost Easter! No matter what you have planned, it’s likely you’ll partake in some festive holiday creativity. From dyeing eggs to baking cakes, hiding jelly beans to hosting a full-fledged feast, we’re all about making Easter decor as easy as possible so you can enjoy the activities you love. Here are our top ten life hacks for Easter decoration ideas that you can whip, pin, post, and string up in no time.

Easter Home Decoration Ideas

Stripe-Dyed Eggs without the hassle. Like the look but hate the tape/paper/colored fingers that usually come with it? Try this!

No-Boil Eggs. Want your eggs to last? Poke each end with a pin or needle and let out the egg and white. Paint, dye, or draw per your usual.

Bunny Rabbit Cake. Like the theme cake but don’t want to buy the pan? Follow these instructions to DIY bunny cake!

Make Your Own Peeps. Yep, people, you can make your own.

Nest for all your eggs. Shred some paper bags from the grocery store. Tangle and twist in to a nest. Viola!

Easter Sugar Cookies:Roll out packaged dough. Use a cup or mug to cut out circles. Transfer to cookie sheet. Pinch one side of the circle so it’s an oval. Bake. Decorate!


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