The Ideal Superbowl Tailgate Outfit

The big game is on Feb 3rd (weather permitting). Here’s how you can put together a cute outfit that won’t look ridiculous (or break the bank) to wear to any party, bar, or tailgate! Slight of wearing a jersey (last resort), I’m a huge fan (ha) of accenting my outfit with team colors.

It’s easy, nobody wonders what side you are on, and you’re not lost in a wash of made-for-a-man mesh—especially this year, when the Broncos and Seahawks are both boast navy blue.

Superbowl Tailgate Party Outfit Tips!

1. Wear a Scarf. Every woman has a rainbow of scarves, so pick orange for broncos and green for seahawks. Paint your nails as well. Choose a navy long-sleeve shirt (east coast) or a tank top (west coast).

2. Show off your Shoes (and/or toes). As above, select the appropriate shoe color and slide ’em on. Best with jeans and whatever number of layers you require on top. On the west coast, consider wearing flipflops and painting your nails the choice color, as well.

3. Belt it. Pick a dress or a shirt that you can belt. Heck, this even works with shorts or jeans – just stop by a thrift store and grab a colorful one (I know it’s unlikely that anyone owns a bright orange or green belt).

4. All over. Yep, if you’re at the bowl or going to a most festive party, be proud. Wear a dress of your team’s colors. Pick leggings of navy and a shirt of your team’s colors. Paint your face.

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