Hunger Games Fashion Jocking Juicy Couture?

Like the rest of the modern World, we were stoked to check out The Hunger Games, and more importantly, to see how designer Judianna Makovsky envisioned Suzanne Collin’s futuristic fashion of Panem. While we loved what we saw, what we weren’t expecting was the considerable parallel to Juicy Couture’s neo-Marie Antoinette advertisements. Mid-movie, we “googled” to see if there were some kind of costume collaboration going on that we hadn’t heard about.

Juicy Couture Ad

The Capitol Couture featured iridescent color, intricate brocades, and a definite let-them-eat-cake attitude. The uber-wealthy played up the decadence from head to toe, with hair and makeup choices being no exception. The vivid palettes and colorful dos were captivating, but we would have been much more impressed if they hadn’t been all too familiar, bumping up the intensity of the Juicy ads that have run in nearly every major fashion magazine. Remember the JC campaign below? What do you think, similar inspirations or just a bit too similar?

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