How to Shop a Disorganized Store


As a bargain shopper, I spend a lot of time in messy, disorganized stores. Even though great deals can be found in these stores, I must admit some stores get on my last nerve (hello, Daffy’s could you at least ATTEMPT to pick the clothes up off the floor) So, here’s some tips I’ve gathered over the years to help me shop a disorganized store. I’m always looking for new tips, some please feel free to add your own in the comments section below:

  • 1. Go on a weekday before 11 am. It is usually quieter and cleaner because the store has just opened.
  • 2. Have a clear goal in mind. Looking for shoes? Looking for a coat? Knowing what you want will save you some time.
  • 3. Eat before entering the store and carry a bottle of water. Disorganized stores are almost always very hot.
  • 4. Look for alternative locations. For example downtown locations tend to be less crowded on a weekend and suburban location tend to be less crowded on week day mornings.
  • 5. If possible, don’t carry a purse, hat or any other accessory. It will just get in the way, and you might lose it.
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  1. Beth says

    Have the best mindset.  Be ready to rummage.  More than once I have gone into a disorganized shop and left frustrated and empty handed because my expectations were unrealistic.  I can’t go into the clearance section of Kohl’s and expect Nordstrom service. :-)

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