Memorial Day Fashion Tip: Wear White… Worry-Free!


Memorial Day is on our radar, which means it’s time to rummage through our closet for our best white pieces. If you’re planning to wear the trend, we suggest pairing bright bold colors with the wonderful neutrality of white. Think white silk shirt with bright-colored jeans, or a neon top with white denim. White adds a nice, sensible contrast to the loud bright colors that represent this year’s Spring and Summer trend.

“But TBF,” some of you might protest, “white is too much of a stain magnet to be considered for daily wear!” Well, fret not! If you keep in mind these expert tips from our friends at the Whirlpool Institute of Fabric Science, you’ll see that it’s easier to ensure your white outfits stay white for the rest of the summer.

Tips to Protect White Clothes from Stain

Not at home? Here’s the fashion equivalent of first-aid for your stained white clothes:

  1. Remove excess stain or soil using a smooth object, like a spoon or the back of a butter knife.
  2. Quickly, blot stain with a cloth and club soda.
  3. Make sure to bring a stain pen, just in case, to quickly and easily remove a stain.
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