11 Ways to Stripe it Rich: How to Wear Stripes

With superstorms, Arctic blasts and rain popping up all over the place lately, it’s safe to say we’re psyched for Spring.  What to wear to kick warmer (hopefully) weather into high gear?  Stripes, of course!

Stripes’ playful yet polished lines are synonymous with Spring and make us look great, too.  Plus, they’re not just for tops or dresses and (double plus) they’re not limited to the common navy/white combo.  We found a variety of stunning stripes, from backpacks to headbands and everything in between.

Sure, we admire the Tommy Hilfiger or Marc Jacobs stripes we’ve been seeing, but the “price on request” magazine directives cause our hopes, and bank account, to sink.  Not to worry.

Here are 11 affordable and flattering choices for stripe-lovin’ ladies, plus tips on how to wear stripes.

11 Ways to Wear Stripes

[imagebrowser id=856]

What striped looks do you like?

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