How to Wear Sequins


All that glitters isn’t gold — and we’re totally fine with that; tis’ the season to sparkle, and we’re not just talking about those festive lights. Sequins is a trend that transcends the holidays but this time of year? Even the most conservative among us can’t resist. But it’s awfully easy to cross the line from chic shine to crazy holiday lady. Our tips for keepin’ it classy:

Pick one piece. As with most trends, overdoing it is a huge fashion don’t. While it would be easy to get hypnotised by all that sequined splendor, if you have a sequined holiday skirt you’re planning to wear, just put down the sequined clutch and sequined strappy sandals — and go instead with understated classics (a little satin shine is okay, but don’t overdo it).

Know the difference between daytime and nighttime glitz. Sequins that’s appropriate for day? A burnished gold sequins cami, under a cream cardi with wideleg tan pants and some monochromatically-appropriate platform pumps. Save the sequined pencil skirt or mini-dress for evening. Same goes for the sequined handbag (and honestly, a sequined handbag should never be anything but a 1) clutch, or 2) wristlet. Unless you want to go all Baby Phat.).

Be careful with color and pattern. A black sequined sheath for a holiday cocktail party? A fabulous take on the traditional Little Black Dress. A fuschia sequined dress with a poufy prom-esque skirt? Adorable on the mannequin, but nearly impossible to pull off unless you’re 17 and heading to the Sno Ball. For the rest of us, sequins is enough of a standout — neutral is safer. And honestly? A multi-color sequins pattern, unless you are looking at higher-end pieces (and higher-end prices) generally looks, well, cheap. Solids are the safety zone.

Remember that everyone will remember your sequined piece. If it’s a handbag, you can use it over and over again, but if you have a whole season of parties to get through, and a limited budget for party-wear, skip the sequined dress — everyone will remember you wore it party to party, and you’ll get tired of it qu-ick (making that cost-per-wear so not worth it). Instead, pick a sequined clutch or sequined skirt — and then change up your look with brightly hued tops and versatile shoes. You’ll stand out for all the right reasons.

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