Get Your Sexy On

Get Your Sexy On WARNING: The Following Post may Result in Serious Pencil Skirt Addictions

ASOS Pencil Skirt in Wet Look, $29.83 from ASOS

So we can’t all have Angelina Jolie’s* fame (or body. Or lips. Or man.), but we can feel a step closer with this wet finish pencil skirt. Remember when Angelina stepped out in a shiny pencil skirt earlier this year to the New York Film Critics Circle Awards? Well, we’ve got our own (similar enough) version. It’s perfect for those nights (or more daring: days) when we’re in full-on “set the world on fire” mode.

*Apologies to Jennifer Aniston for mentioning that little man-stealing ho HER, especially in the same story. But, hey, Jen, we did give you front-page preference, so we hope you forgive us, pencil skirt goddess that you are.