The essential Oxford shoe. This shoe is a fashion magic cluster of intellect, charm, chic, feminine and masculine rolled into one. The Oxford shoe originated in Ireland and Scotland and made it’s way into men’s wardrobes here in the US, and only recently have become a typical part of the female wardrobe.

Originally, women’s Oxfords were not very comfortable but can now be found to fit most any foot.

Oxfords give outfits an instant classy charm, and are perfect for geek-chic as well as masculine-chic. The women’s Oxford is the perfect way to transition from summer’s wardrobe to the fall wardrobe, and gives outfits a satisfying pulled together feel. Oxfords can be very expensive when made very well with leather, but can also still be perfectly comfortable and nicely made with plastic or rubber soles.

Tips on How to Wear Oxfords This Fall

Let’s take a look at the way the Oxford shoe can be worn for maximum fashion appeal:

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Taylor Swift looks perfect for fall in Oxfords, tights and a mid thigh dress.