Clothes, Accessories, Makeup, All of the Above? – Like many of the bold hues permeating the runways this season, you can wear green head to toe, mixing tones and going monochromatic, or you can add a bold pop by choosing one piece in your outfit in this rich, vibrant color. We do not advocate sporting green all over (or any color for that matter). We love a great multi-hued outfit like the DVF runway look, but the line must be drawn somewhere.

Wanna wear green top to bottom, then hold off on any green makeup; go for purples and violets instead. Or wanna add green to your eyes and nails? Then hold off on wearing too much green anywhere else. Stick to a great pair of shoes, a pencil skirt, or a fab bracelet so the overall look is not overdone.

Glimmer Lime Nail Polish

Glimmer lime nail polish $2.80 from Forever 21