How to Wear False Eyelashes

TBFer’s listen up: wearing false eyelashes isn’t just for your wedding day or for Halloween. In fact, using them is so easy that you can wear them every day. Now, we know what you’re thinking: fake eyelashes are well, fake (and I don’t want to look like a church lady.)
Well, don’t worry about that because we give you tips for wearing fake eyelashes, including how to apply them correctly and how to trim the eyelashes yourself.

How To Wear False Eyelashes

Choosing Your Lashes

Ardell False Eyelashes How to Wear False Eyelashes

Target, Ardell False Eyelashes, $3.89

False eyelashes look so natural with today’s technology. No longer are they stiff or awkward. Now, they come in flexible bands with real looking lashes. You can even buy single lashes just to give yourself a small amount of volume. If you’re new to using false lashes, start small with a pair for under $5.00 at your local drugstore (they’re usually located near the nail polish). Look for ones that are light with some space in between the lashes, to better blend with your real lashes.