How To Wear: Chunky Knits

For those of us at TBF in cooler climes, we love love love the fact that chunky knit sweaters are totally on trend right now (Cute and warm? Score!). But let’s be honest, wearing “chunky” anything could potentially be fraught with danger — especially for those of us who are not runway model-esque (yep, us neither). Some tips for wearing thick knits this season:

Layer Wisely. Layering is one of our favorite things, but layering chunky knits must be approached carefully, to ensure that it’s clear it’s only the sweater that’s chunky. We love the idea of layering a thick, unstructured cardigan over a short body-skimming sweater dress, or if that’s just too hot, belt it over a below the knee pencil skirt or skinny cropped pants and thin scoop neck tee.

Accessorize With Care. The chunky knit sweater in any form is a bold statement, so bold and/or multiple accessories are not necessarily a good idea (unless you want to look really weighed down). We suggest skipping the necklace in most cases (as most chunky sweaters will already add plenty of bulk around your neck and/or face) and go for a gold cuff bracelet, a cocktail ring and/or a dramatic belt.

Boot Up. The perfect footwear companion for a cold-weather-appropriate sweater? Boots of course! We’ve been preaching to the boot choir all fall, we know, so we won’t go on and on — but one piece of advice: since the sweater is chunky, wear boots that aren’t — keep them tall, smooth and sleek for the best overall balance.

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