4. Go a Little Crazy

Go a Little Crazy Take That, Bright Blues! Step Out in Style with a Black (yes, Black) Blazer

Donna Ricco Open Front Jacket, $56.48 from Nordstrom

Crazy, quirky . . . call it what you will, but why not wear a black blazer to showcase your wonderful fashion unpredictability? Consider it your “who says?” statement.

Who says a black blazer is booooring? Who says a black blazer has to be worn precisely the way it came off the hangar? Make it your own. Roll up those perfectly stitched sleeves and show what’s not “supposed” to be seen: lining. The skin two inches above your wrist. A blouse peeking from underneath the cuffs.

Better yet, hit a thrift store and get going with your crafty, creative self. Remove the buttons from your black blazer and sew on some chunkier, funkier thrift store Take That, Bright Blues! Step Out in Style with a Black (yes, Black) Blazer finds. Not into threading a needle? We love finding that perfect scarf or pin, then using a black blazer as a backdrop to unleash our creativity.

5. Dress Down
Feeling a little too formal or frilly in that dress? We like silky blouses and dresses too, but know that sometimes they’re not quite the right choice for that summer picnic (ugh! It’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement of a get-together that we miss the part in the conversation about “casual”).

Dress down a too-femme style with a casual linen or one-button cropped blazer. You’ll still look great and won’t feel as much like Cinderella standing by the backyard cooler.