Things You SHOULD Know: How to use Instagram

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Instagram is the latest and kind of cool way to instantly share your photos with friends and family. If you’re one of those people who likes to document every little move you make, then Instagram is right up your alley. At first we were on the fence about Instagram because there are numerous photo apps out there that can create some pretty neat effects to your pictures. Plus Instagram was only limited to iPhones and iPad users until now. Now, Instagram is available for androids, and since Facebook just paid a gazillion (Okay, 1 billion) to acquire Instagram, we’re pretty sure Instagram is on it’s way to world domination.

How Instagram Works

The way Instagram works is, it allows you to use filters to give your photos an old school feel. So, if you take a photo of, let’s say, a bouquet of flowers, you can transform that picture by using one of many filters to add a more dreamy or retro effect to your photo. Fortunately for us, we are the kind of people who like to take snapshots of the beautiful or insanely funny things that we see throughout the day so why not use the app to make our photos more interesting and quirky.

How to Use Instagram

Use Instagram As a Photo Diary
There are so many things that we do and see throughout the day. Use instagram to visually document your experiences and organize your pictures as each experience happens. It’s like creating a timeline of events.

Use Instagram to Create a Collage of Your Favorite Things
Creating a collage with Instagram is sort of like scrap booking. Take photos of your favorite things, whether it be an old bracelet that your grandmother gave you, or a meal you made and need to reference the photo because there are people in your family who think you can’t cook. Take pictures of ticket stubs to a concert. Let Instagram document it for you.

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