How to Unshrink a Wool Sweater

So you’ve shrunk your sweater? Don’t fret, you can unshrink your sweater using the simple steps below.

How to Unshrink a Sweater

1. You can stretch your sweater by soaking the garment in a tub and/or sink with a mixture of gentle hair conditioner (think Baby Shampoo) and lukewarm water for approximately 15 minutes.

2. Drain the water out of the tubg/sink. DO NOT wring the sweater, but press the sweater against the side of the basin to drain the excess water.

3. Remove the garment and lay it flat on a really thick towel that is very absorbent.

4. Use another towel to blot the excess water away.

5. Gently pull the sweater into the desired shape.

6. Let the sweater air dry flat as hanging the sweater will put it out of shape

Interesting Fact: A similar procedure for unshrinking a sweater, called blocking, is used by high-end knit designers like St. John Knits to “stretch” garments to a larger size.