Fashion Expert Tip: How to Start Your Own Trends


Start your own trends and remain way ahead of the curve. Use the cues that trend forecasters like David Wolfe use—observe the cultural, economic, and social factors affecting society. For example, popularity of California based shows (mini-skirts and Ugg boots) and recent nasty weather in the east coast (Rubber boots and fur coats).

How to Start Your Own Trends

Turn To The Streets. Fashion Designer often turns to the streets to find inspiration for their collections. Marc Jacobs hit big in Spring 2001 with his Steven Sprouse graffiti designed bags by Louis Vuitton.  Juicy Couture sweat suits, bear an eerie resemblance to the terry cloth sweat suits worn by early hip-hop artists like LL Cool J. Watch music videos, particularly hip-hop music videos, to get a feel for how to be “Ghetto Fabulous”. Head to your nearest urban center and observe what the young and hip are wearing, and don your own version of the trend.

Watch T.V. The popularity of shows like Fox’s “The OC”, led to the biggest national increase in California style, since Brenda dumped Dylan on the other hit Fox show “90210”. 

Put On Your Traveling Shoes. When traveling observe the local styles and pick-up items that are indigenous to that place and/or culture. I’ve purchased some of my most fashion forward pieces on trips to places like India, Jamaica, and Iowa. 

Observe Social and Economic Cues. Fashionable leather tote bags became popular as more women entered the work place and needed bags to transition from work to play. On that same note, “murses,” designers like Coach and Jack Spade to give men a stylish, masculine bag to carry their pdas, cell phones, wallets, and other items introduced male purses.

Do the Exact Opposite of What’s in Style. Another way to start your own trend is to observe the current trends and do the exact opposite. If pointed toed shoes are all the rage, then wear round toed shoes.  If mini-skirts are in, wear a floor length skirts.  At some point the trend you’re wearing will come back in style and you will be perceived as being fashion forward.

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