Don’t Be Afraid To… invest in good gear.

Dont Be Afraid to Invest in Good Gear How to Start a Fashion BlogCredit: Camera Monster on Tumblr

As much as you are able to, make it a priority to invest in the tools you need to make your blog as good as it can be. Think about how you feel when you’re searching the web and you come across a website with lousy photos or that is difficult to navigate. You immediately sense a lack of professionalism and, chances are, you’ll leave the site toute suite in search of another, better executed URL. So, consider you subject matter and gear up accordingly. Want your blog to be photo or video based? Then spend some money on a great SLR camera or HD video recorder. Want to share the written word? You might not need to get actual gear in that case, but taking a typing course or writing class will up your game and keep people coming back for your razor sharp (and typo-free!) wit.