How to Shop Walmart

The Designer Collections

As stated above, the designer collaborations are only in select stores. Norma Kamali’s Walmart collection has fashion-forward maxi-dresses, swimsuits and draped tops, drawing on the designer’s signature minimalist style. Miss Tina’s line is full of body-conscious dresses and printed tees. Before you go searching the racks for the limited stock, you can use the “check availability” feature on the website to locate your size and color choice. You might decide to save your gas money and have an item shipped to you for as little as 97 cents.

Feel the stretch
If you’re a gym rat or a believer in the stretchy-pants lifestyle (which we really hope you decide to leave), the activewear options are plentiful. The Danskin Now line features some modern details like ruching on pockets. Don’t want to bother getting out bed? You’ll be sleeping pretty in pajama pants and sets with stripes, butterflies, hearts for $10.

Try it on
Just because it’s Walmart, doesn’t mean you have to grab and go. The stores do have a few dressing rooms that have to be unlocked by an employee. However the lighting is HORRIBLE and some rooms don’t have mirrors, so make sure you retain your receipt.

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  1. Gerryl Puelle says

    I think the problem with Walmart has nothing to do with snobbery. I would not shop there at all, and think everyone else should join me in this, because of the well-established policies of Walmart which result in very poor treatment of their workers, both in the U.S. and abroad.

    American taxpayers might also reflect on the fact that the low-paid Walmart workers frequently turn for help to the government.

    People of conscience, give up your support of Walmart!

  2. Beth says

    I’ve heard those sides of stories, as well I’ve heard my sister’s story of being an employee of over 8 years there and loving it. She supports her son by herself on the pay she receives there as well they provide health benefits for employees and their families. Mind you, we live in Canada, but your statement did mention abroad….

  3. Amanda says

    I agree with Beth! And I’m in the states. My dad has worked there for 4 years and not only are they fabulous employers and their benefits amazing….but when my dad was out for surgery during the holidays I might add…. They were fabulous to him and his family!

  4. says

    My husband has worked there over 7 yrs and I’m in the states. He’s hired plenty of people and knows several people that have been there for years. He’s not one that will take bs from anybody so they definitely don’t mistreat their employees

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