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If you ask any fashionista where their shopping weaknesses lie, you’ll probably get one of two answers—shoes, or handbags. Or both. Those two areas are also where, we’d argue, that are worth spending a little more on, in the name of investment. You can save a bunch by dressing head to ankle in Target, Forever21, Gap and up the style factor infinitely by pairing your bargain duds with a really great pair of shoes and/or handbag.

Another reason to spend more on shoes and handbags? No matter how much your weight fluctuates, these items will always fit. Okay, so now that your ready to make an investment, we’d suggest checking out for quality namebrand and designer shoes and handbags. And there’s a way to do it that’s the most cost- and time-effective for busy budget shoppers like yourself. Our tips:

Endless has REAL Sales. Endless, unlike Zappos, has major sales on designer shoes—we’re talking up to 80% off. Kathryn once purchased a pair of Faryl Robin pumps for $37.00, down from $245.00 and a pair of Franco Sarto red peep toe pumps for $35, down from $95.

Take Advantage of Free Shipping (Overnight!) and Free Returns. Always. This right here is reason number one to check out —free shipping and free returns, every day. Let’s face it, the biggest drawback of shopping online is not being able to inspect the actual item (and also that whole impulsive shopping thing, but we digress). So with free shipping and free returns you’re not risking losing more cash on all those mailing fees. Plus free overnight shipping means minimal time spent stalking the mail carrier.

Know That It’s Not About Cheap, It’s About Value. While there are many worth sales on , their general inventory is often still not cheap—but it’s frequently less expensive than other sources for the same goods, like Zappos, particularly the designer stuff, so if you are looking for an investment piece (a classic leather clutch, a pair of brown leather boots you’ll wear for years to come) keep that in mind as you peruse the pricetags.

Always Always Always Click on the Clearance First. This seems like a no-brainer, but even the best shopper is sometimes hypnotised by those fancy “new arrivals” (read: full price) on the front page. If you exercise some willpower and go straight to clearance however, you’ll find plenty there to satisfy, say, your handbag craving—like today, when we clicked and found this Rafe Magedalena Tall Tote (in dee-licious snake-embossed leather), regularly $695, on clearance for $356.90. Okay, breathe—remember, we said it’s about value, not about cheap.

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We know, we know, nobody really needs more newsletters clogging up the inbox, however, if you’re serious about your shoe and handbag shopping (and we are) you’ll look at it as a money-saving tool—if you know you’re going to want to pick up those Betseyville Pumps at some point, might as well get the notice that they’re on sale now so you can take advantage of the savings. And if you don’t see anything you like it, it’s really not that hard to click the little delete button.

Find Hard to Fit Sizes. If you happen to be a size 12 EE, your typical shoe selection is probably limited to orthopedic-looking lace-ups or those square-heeled pumps your grandmother is always rocking. Except at Endless. where they offer sizes 4-20, and widths 4A-4E. While we’re not actually a 12EE, we did go ahead and check out the offerings, and came up with, well, some orthopedic looking shoes but also some fab little black ankle boots, leopard trim flats, and some rhinestone-accented evening sandals. Not bad at all.

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  1. mmmeg says

    Also, if you are willing to give up “free” shipping and returns, you really should check Amazon before purchasing anything from Endless.  Amazon carries almost everything they do (they’re sister sites, in fact)—and usually for much, much less.

  2. StyleandConquer says

    I completely agree with mmmeg! Interesting since is partners with Amazon. The much deeper discounts on Amazon are worth the potential return ship fee. Anytime I shop, I Google the brand and style name of the item to see if another site has a better deal or coupon and have saved a lot of money this way. I’ve also saved $$ by watching prices afer I buy to see if I can get an adjustment or price match refund if the price goes down further.

  3. Miss E says

    Thanks Ladies!  I just bought 2 pairs of Nine West Heech sandals for 20.00 and 24.00 bucks on amazon.  They were 44 dollars on endless.  I already know that they’ll fit because I tried them on several times at Macys last year but I could not bring myself to pay the original price of 80.00!!!

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