5. Ship Quickly


When you do finally sell an item, it’s really exciting. However, before you think about rushing off to the mall to spend your hard-earned cash, you need to ship the item. Shipping the item as quickly as possible will ensure a happy customer. The better ratings you get, the more luck you will have selling on eBay as time goes on. Don’t forget to rate your buyer, too!

A few more tips…

  • End your auction on the weekends and evenings. Make sure your auction ends on a Saturday or a Sunday to help you get the highest price for your items. Mondays during the day is also another great time to end to catch the at-work bidders.
  • Be honest. When describing your items accurately describe any defects, blemishes, etc. Being honest will help build your representation as a seller.
  • Get a Paypal account. Paypal is the online money exchange system owned by eBay. It allows for quick, easy, safe transactions between buyers and sellers. Paypal charges a small fee for processing transactions.