How to Reuse Scraps of Fabric


If you sew, do crafts, or just happen to collect fabric for any number of reasons, you know well that one rarely uses the entire piece of fabric for whatever it was originally intended for. Thus that bag of random scraps of fabric that’s been sitting around in the corner of your closet, collecting dust. Certainly you knew, deep down, that those scraps of fabric were useful, otherwise why did you keep them? No one’s accusing you of being a clutter bug, we just want to help you make use of those scraps of fabric once and for all.

Here are 10 great ways to reuse scraps of fabric:

  • Fancy up jam. Fancy little scraps of fabric are to jars of homemade jam what great rugs are to large spaces: they tie it all together. The jar of marmalade pictured here wouldn’t look half as cute with a plain, ole boring screw top.
  • Make a crazy quilt. Use all of your leftover fabric to make one quilt. What a cozy way to recycle!
  • Scented sachets. Fill them with dried lavendar, dried rose petals, or cedar chips. Sew them up and throw them in your dresser drawers.
  • Gift wrapping. The holidays are coming up, and fabric can be a wonderful replacement for wrapping paper or gift bags.
  • Dollhouse accessories. Sew mini pillow cases, matching comforters, drapes, miniature placemats to sit on a tiny table. Oh we just want to run out and buy a dollhouse now!
  • Dust cloths. Cotton materials, especially soft t-shirt type fabric make for great dusting cloths.
  • Protective packaging. If you have an abundance of scrap fabric, you can use it to fill your packages when shipping gifts this season.
  • Fabric angels. These fabric angels would make for adorable ornaments on your tree or wonderful personal gifts from your kids.
  • Garden ties. Cut the fabric into strips and use it to tie your plants to stakes.
  • iFabric. Sew an iPod carrying case.
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  1. says

    Making fabric-covered buttons is another really cute and easy idea for using up fabric scraps. You can use them for making hair accessories, earrings, and other cute things!

    I sell tools for making the buttons on my Etsy shop (, and the tools themselves are reusable and pretty affordable. You may be able to find a button-making tool at your local craft store, too.

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