How to Regift an Item


Dear Budget Fashionista,
What are the rules regarding regifting?

Answer: Here’s the rules for regifting:

1. The gift must be unopened, unused and in good shape. Exception- family heirlooms.
2. You must have received the gift that you are regfiting within the past year. No one wants something that has been sitting in your basement for 5 years.
3. Food, personalized items, and just plain junk shouldn’t be regifted
4. The gift must be something the receiver will actually use and want, yeah a Chia Pet is fun, but not many people would put it at the top of their gift list.
5. Rewrap the present in fresh wrapping paper. It will make the gift seem like new.
6. Make sure the person receiving the gift isn’t the one that gave it.

TBF readers: If you have your own regifting rules, post them in the comment section below

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